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Preparatory Course for Cinematography for August 2017 Batch – May 2017 to July 2017

Posted on: 27 March 2017
City: Chennai

Preparatory Course for Cinematography) The three months Preparatory Course for Cinematography broadly deals with Digital Photography and this is very essential to take you to the next level "DIGITAL CINEMATOGRAPHY". As a Cinematographer you should have a good artistic eye for photography, or in other words, being able to frame shots and recognize good shots, as any photographer would. Knowing the technical basics of photography -how to make lighting work to your advantage, how to use lenses, and how film speeds and exposures work and specific photography equipment and techniques. Keeping up with ever-changing advances in film technology and knowing when to shift to or drop in new technology instead of the old. On completion of the course you would have the privilege of direct admission to our SIX MONTHS COURSE ON CINEMATOGRAPHY commencing August 2017. To apply call 9841612595 or visit…/

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