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Box Office Report: 10th August 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017 2:32:02 PM (IST) | Abid, Bollywood Trade Editorial


The coming Friday will see another major release, Neeraj Pandey’s Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar starrer, TOILET-EK PREM KATHA. A socio-rom com, the Shree Narayan Singh directed venture has been promoted well (as is always the case with all films starring the Khiladi), and is all set for a good to decent start at the ticket window, more so at the single screens and mid-size towns. The presence of Akshay Kumar (and Neeraj Pandey as co-producer) will bring in the class audiences at multiplexes of metros and big cities. The fact that it has been declared tax-free in quite a few parts of India makes it box-office prospects brighter.
Checking out last Friday’s much anticipated release, Imtiaz Ali’s SRK-Anushka starrer, JAB HARRY MET SEJAL, the film saw a good to average opening day, but that was it! The first three days saw a 15 crore per day total (on an average), which rang the alarm bells, as successful films show an escalation in numbers on each subsequent day of the weekend. The Monday onwards run has seen diminishing returns and the first week is likely to taper off at around 60 crore (estimated), give or take a couple of crores! Given the big 75-80 crore distribution rights in India, JAB HARRY MET SEJAL will need a miracle to save itself as well as the distributors.

JAB HARRY MET SEJAL has done quite well in the overseas grossing $6.75m with £360,000 from UK and $1,285,000 from the US, during the opening weekend (4-6 August).
The other release of the same week, JAR Pictures Pvt. Ltd’s GURGAON failed to make any impact whatsoever.
Moving on, Anees Bazmee’s Anil-Arjun’s MUBARAKAN saw a decent (good at places) run as it collected 4.50 crore from Bombay (collections from other cinemas unrecieved), 1.10 crore from Ahmedabad, 50 lakhs from Surat, 30 lakhs from Baroda, 13.65 lakhs from Rajkot, 1.15 crore from Pune, 16.15 lakhs from Nasik, 15 lakhs from Goa, 3.50 lakhs from Belgaum, 4 crore from Delhi city, 90 lakhs from Noida, 65 lakhs from Ghaziabad, 38.25 lakhs from Kanpur, 76.25 lakhs from Lucknow , 24.65 lakhs from Agra, 13.15 lakhs from Allahabad, 5 lakhs from Aligarh, 25 lakhs from Dehradun, 80 lakhs from Gurgaon, 41 lakhs from Faridabad, 4lakhs from Kurukshetra, 8.50 lakhs from Panipat, 30 lakhs from Chandigarh, 14.15 lakhs from Jalandhar, 6 lakhs from Patiala, 13.25 lakhs from Amritsar, 25.75 lakhs from Ludhiana, 3.75 lakhs from Bhatinda, 2.50 lakhs from Ambala, 2.15 lakhs from Jammu, 85 lakhs from Calcutta, 8.75 lakhs from Siliguri, 17.25 lakhs from Patna, 5.15 lakhs from Dhanbad, 13.50 lakhs from Ranchi, 8 lakhs from Bhubaneshwar, 3.55 lakhs from Guwahati, 25 lakhs from Nagpur, 35 lakhs from Raipur, 50 lakhs from Indore, 10 lakhs from Gwalior (collections from 3 cinemas unrecieved), 25 lakhs from Bhopal, 60 lakhs from Jaipur (collections from 4 cinemas unrecieved), 12.75 lakhs from Jodhpur, 10 lakhs from Ajmer, 3 lakhs from Bikaner, 12.50 lakhs from Kota, 12 lakhs from Udaipur, 55 lakhs from Hyderabad, 4.50 lakhs from Aurangabad, 90 lakhs from Bangalore, 7 lakhs from Mangalore, 2.50 lakhs from Mysore, 2.50 lakhs from Vijayawada, 5.75 lakhs from Visakhapatnam, 6 lakhs from Madras and 5 lakhs from Kochi. Netting 35.50 crore during the opening week from India, which is not bad, under the circumstances, MUBARAKAN will be unable to realize it’s full potential (despite a stable second weekend) due to a spate of new and big releases, every week. MUBARAKAN is quite reasonable (good in US) in the overseas, grossing £225,000 from UK and $632,000 from the US, till the second weekend (4-6 August).
The second release of the same week, Madhur Bhandarkar’s INDU SARKAR failed to impress collecting 75 lakhs from Bombay (collections from other cinemas unrecieved), 10 lakhs from Ahmedabad, 5.75 lakhs from Surat, 4 lakhs from Baroda, 2.75 lakhs from Rajkot, 20 lakhs from Pune, 2.50 lakhs from Nasik, 2.75 lakhs from Goa, 50 lakhs from Delhi city, 13.50 lakhs from Noida, 8.50 lakhs from Ghaziabad, 5 lakhs from Kanpur, 11.50 lakhs from Lucknow, 2 lakhs from Agra, 2.55 lakhs from Allahabad, 3.55 lakhs from Dehradun, 12 lakhs from Gurgaon, 3.55 lakhs from Faridabad, 3 lakhs from Chandigarh, 1 lakh from Jalandhar, 1.50 lakhs from Ludhiana, 20 lakhs from Calcutta, 1.50 lakhs from Siliguri, 3.50 lakhs from Patna, 2.55 lakhs from Ranchi, 2.50 lakhs from Bhubaneshwar, 5 lakhs from Nagpur, 4.75 lakhs from Raipur, 5 lakhs from Indore, 1 lakh from Gwalior (collections from 2 cinemas unrecieved), 3 lakhs from Bhopal , 5 lakhs from Jaipur, 1.50 lakhs from Jodhpur, 1 lakh from Kota, 1.15 lakhs from Udaipur, 15 lakhs from Hyderabad, 3 lakhs from Aurangabad, 15 lakhs from Bangalore, 1.50 lakhs from Visakhapatnam and 1.50 lakhs from Madras. Netting 4.50 crore during the opening week from India, INDU SARKAR is unfortunately another failure for Madhur.
The other releases, Tigmanshu Dhulia’s RAAG DESH and Viacom 18 Motion Pictures’ BAARAT COMPANY, failed to impress at the ticket counter, despite some good reviews for RAAG DESH.
Meanwhile, the Sabbir Khan directed Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Nidhi Agarwal starrer, MUNNA MICHAEL, crashed in the second week, adding just 2.50 crore, thus netting 34 crore in two weeks from India and is a box-office failure.
Concluding with Prakash Jha’s Ratna Pathak and Konkona Sen Sharma starrer, LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA, the film saw a rock steady second week as it collected 1.15 crore from Bombay (collections from other cinemas unrecieved), 15.50 lakhs from Ahmedabad, 5.15 lakhs from Surat, 4.50 lakhs from Baroda, 1.10 lakhs from Rajkot, 27.50 lakhs from Pune, 2 lakhs from Nasik, 3.75 lakhs from Goa, 2.75 lakhs from Belgaum, 70 lakhs from Delhi city, 18.15 lakhs from Noida, 6.75 lakhs from Ghaziabad, 3.15 lakhs from Kanpur, 10 lakhs from Lucknow , 1.50 lakhs from Agra, 1.50 lakhs from Allahabad, 2.15 lakhs from Dehradun, 20 lakhs from Gurgaon, 3.75 lakhs from Faridabad, 5 lakhs from Chandigarh, 1.15 lakhs from Jalandhar, 2 lakhs from Ludhiana, 30 lakhs from Calcutta, 1.75 lakhs from Patna, 1.15 lakhs from Ranchi, 2.50 lakhs from Bhubaneshwar, 5 lakhs from Nagpur, 3.50 lakhs from Raipur, 5.15 lakhs from Indore, 5 lakhs from Bhopal , 10 lakhs from Jaipur, 1.25 lakhs from Jodhpur , 1.75 lakhs from Udaipur, 10 lakhs from Hyderabad, 2 lakhs from Aurangabad, 35 lakhs from Bangalore, 1.15 lakhs from Mangalore, 1.75 lakhs from Madras and 2 lakhs from Kochi. Adding another 6 crore, LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA has netted 17 crore in two weeks from India and will end up as a semi-hit, in the end count.

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