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Box Office Report : 4th August 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011 6:48:56 PM (IST) | Abid, Bollywood Trade Editorial


The coming Friday has a host of small films listed for release, the prominent ones being CHALA MUSSADDI-OFFICE OFFICE, I AM KALAM and WARNING along with a number of lesser known titles. Giving company to these films are about half a dozen dubbed films! Unfortunately, none of them are going to make a mark at the ticket window. In fact, all indications are that SINGHAM will once again be the first choice by and large with ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA in hot pursuit.
All the releases of last Friday opened to disastrous houses. Right from KHAP, GANDHI TO HITLER and BUBBLE GUM or even the dubbed Hollywood ventures like THE SMURFS and COWBOY & ALIENS have achieved precisely nothing. The audience preferred the older releases like SINGHAM and ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA.
The performance of Rohit Shetty's Ajay Devgn starrer SINGHAM has been remarkable. Though the numbers have come in slightly lower than Saturday estimations, SINGHAM has roared at the box-office, especially at the single screens. The film collected 7 crores from Bombay, 2.50 crores from Ahmedabad, 75 lakhs from Surat, 30 lakhs from Anand, 80 lakhs from Baroda, 55 lakhs from Rajkot, 10 lakhs from Jamnagar, 2.65 crores from Pune , 20 lakhs from Kolhapur, 16 lakhs from Solapur, 46 lakhs from Nasik, 36.20 lakhs from Goa, 14.20 lakhs from Belgaum, 2.50 crores from Delhi city, 36 lakhs from Ghaziabad, 42 lakhs from Kanpur, 70 lakhs from Lucknow, 16.65 lakhs from Agra, 25 lakhs from Allahabad, 13.35 lakhs from Meerut, 4.25 lakhs from Aligarh , 55 lakhs from Gurgaon, 10 lakhs from Faridabad, 5.65 lakhs from Kurukshetra, 7.55 lakhs from Panipat, 20 lakhs from Chandigarh, 6.35 lakhs from Zirakpur, 12 lakhs from Jalandhar, 7.35 lakhs from Amritsar, 8 lakhs from Ludhiana, 6 lakhs from Bhatinda, 61 lakhs from Calcutta (collections from other cinemas unreceived), 1 lakh from Darjeeling, 7 lakhs from Siliguri, 4.55 lakhs from Guwahati, 55.65 lakhs from Nagpur, 22.25 lakhs from Jabalpur, 45 lakhs from Raipur, 75 lakhs from Indore (collections from 3 cinemas unreceived), 10.20 lakhs from Gwalior (collections from 6 cinemas unreceived), 25 lakhs from Bhopal, 1.10 crore from Jaipur (collections from 5 cinemas unreceived), 8.15 lakhs from Jodhpur (collections from 5 cinemas unreceived), 13.65 lakhs from Ajmer, 11 lakhs from Bikaner, 21.50 lakhs from Kota, 1.10 crore from Hyderabad , 47 lakhs from Aurangabad (collections from 3 cinemas unreceived), 16 lakhs from Latur, 52 lakhs from Bangalore, 7.55 lakhs from Mangalore, 4.15 lakhs from Visakhapatnam and 6.50 lakhs from Madras (collection from other cinemas unreceived). Netting 48.50 crores during the opening week, SINGHAM is a clear hit that will jump a couple of ranks, based on the second week run!

The film though has been rejected in the Overseas, grossing £118,500 from UK and $288,000 from the US till the second weekend (29-31 July).
Moving on Zoya Akhtar's ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA maintained superbly at the multiplexes. At some multiplexes the collections were on par and even better than SINGHAM. The film collected 3.25 crores from Bombay (collections from 8 cinemas unreceived), 50 lakhs from Ahmedabad, 7 lakhs from Surat, 1.50 lakhs from Anand, 25 lakhs from Baroda, 16 lakhs from Rajkot, 4 lakhs from Jamnagar, 42 lakhs from Pune (collections from other cinemas unreceived), 1.50 lakhs from Solapur, 10.65 lakhs from Nasik, 9.25 lakhs from Goa, 4 lakhs from Belgaum, 2.50 crores from Delhi city, 20.15 lakhs from Ghaziabad, 11.35 lakhs from Kanpur, 22 lakhs from Lucknow, 6.15 lakhs from Agra, 4 lakhs from Allahabad, 65 lakhs from Gurgaon, 6.35 lakhs from Faridabad, 2.10 lakhs from Kurukshetra, 4.50 lakhs from Panipat, 17.20 lakhs from Chandigarh, 9.35 lakhs from Jalandhar, 4.35 lakhs from Amritsar, 5.50 lakhs from Ludhiana, 3 lakhs from Bhatinda, 82 lakhs from Calcutta (collections from other cinemas unreceived), 1.50 lakhs from Darjeeling, 4 lakhs from Siliguri, 5 lakhs from Guwahati, 20.25 lakhs from Nagpur, 6.50 lakhs from Jabalpur, 9.55 lakhs from Raipur, 22.65 lakhs from Indore, 4.60 lakhs from Gwalior (collections from 6 cinemas unreceived), 15 lakhs from Bhopal, 25 lakhs from Jaipur, 3 lakhs from Jodhpur, 3.10 lakhs from Ajmer, 1.50 lakhs from Bikaner, 4.50 lakhs from Kota, 80 lakhs from Hyderabad, 5 lakhs from Aurangabad, 1.35 crore from Bangalore, 9 lakhs from Mangalore, 8 lakhs from Visakhapatnam and 7.15 lakhs from Madras (collections from other cinemas unreceived). Adding another 19.50 crore, ZINDAGI MILEGI NA DOBARA has netted 65.25 crores in two weeks from India and is a hit plus.

ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA has set the Overseas on fire grossing £750,000 from UK and an astonishing $2,563,000 from US till the third weekend (29-31 July).
Meanwhile Mohit Suri's Emraan Hashmi starrer MURDER 2 stood up to the challenge of SINGHAM and ZNMD at the single screens and managed decent numbers collecting 30 lakhs from Bombay, 15 lakhs from Ahmedabad, 2.15 lakhs from Surat, 1 lakh from Rajkot, 1 lakh from Pune, 1 lakh from Nasik, 12.50 lakhs from Delhi city, 2.35 lakhs from Ghaziabad, 2.50 lakhs from Kanpur, 4.35 lakhs from Lucknow, 1.35 lakhs from Allahabad, 1.25 lakhs from Gurgaon, 2.20 lakhs from Chandigarh, 1.50 lakhs from Jalandhar, 1 lakh from Amritsar, 1.10 lakhs from Ludhiana, 3 lakhs from Calcutta (collections from other cinemas unreceived), 3.10 lakhs from Nagpur, 1 lakh from Jabalpur, 2.15 lakhs from Raipur, 1.65 lakhs from Indore (collections from 2 cinemas unreceived), 7 lakhs from Bhopal, 5 lakhs from Jaipur, 3.50 lakhs from Jodhpur, 9.25 lakhs from Hyderabad (collections from other cinemas unreceived), 4 lakhs from Bangalore. Adding another 2 crores, MURDER 2 has netted an impressive 47.50 crores in three weeks from India and is now blockbuster (given the 13 crore all inclusive price), the second of the year after READY.

The film though has failed in the Overseas grossing £105,000 from UK till the fourth weekend (29-31 July).
Concluding with Aamir Khan's DELHI BELLY, the film manages to collect 12 lakhs from Bombay, 2.10 lakhs from Pune, 15 lakhs from Delhi city, 1 lakh from Ghaziabad, 1 lakh from Lucknow, 10 lakhs from Gurgaon, 1.55 lakhs from Chandigarh, 1.40 lakhs from Calcutta, 6 lakhs from Hyderabad (collections from other cinemas unreceived) and 15 lakhs from Bangalore. With another 85 lakhs, DELHI BELLY has netted 55.35 crores in four weeks and is a super hit.

DELHI BELLY has also done good business in the Overseas grossing £489,000 from UK and $1,525,000 from UK till the fifth weekend (29-31 July).


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