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Aamir Khan now in TALAASH of investigative journalists

Friday, November 23, 2012 5:45:10 PM (IST) | Enkayaar, Bollywood Trade Editorial


Trust Aamir Khan to come up with innovative marketing devices to build a buzz around the cinema with which he has been associated in the recent past. It all started when he made LAGAAN, and followed it up with an innovative approach to market TAARE ZAMEEN PAR and for 3 IDIOTS he decided to take recourse to disguises to create buzz about the film.

Now for TALAASH he has taken it upon himself to speak to country’s top notch investigative journalists to understand the psyche that operates for an investigative journalist in pursuing an investigation. The idea behind interaction with the investigative journalist is to understand what motivates them to embark on the path to investigation and whether it is also a sort of mandate for self-discovery, the underlining motif of TALAASH.

With the present mood of the country in favor of investigative journalism, what with scams being broken on a daily basis, left right and centre, but the importance of the investigative journalists in trying to highlight issues of corruption not been given due importance its endorsement by Aamir Khan indeed would give a shot in the arm for these soldiers wielding the pen, or rather their fingers. The idea of understanding the initiatives being undertaken by investigative journalists, with reference to TALAASH that has been ushered by Aamir Khan seems to be an extension of what he did in ‘Satyamev Jayate’- bringing these silent foot soldiers into limelight.

As a matter of fact TALAASH as a genre is a thriller which is coming into relief for Hindi films after a long time, and sort of underlines how in the line of duty frictions can develop between husband and wife owing to a witness. The difference of TALAASH when compared to thrillers produced in Hollywood lies in the fact that focus is also on the trials and tribulations that a family of police officer has to undergo while unraveling a case. Hollywood seldom ventures into this genre i.e. also bringing in the family into the story line, but the world of Hindi cinema being a construct which is characterized by participation of family in movie viewing; family forms the core around which a story line is developed.

For Aamir Khan, TALAASH would be again a new genre that he is dabbling in and Aamir Khan continues to surprise the audience with his experimentations. One only hopes that the audience accepts Aamir Khan in the new form in TALAASH as well, as whenever he has played the role of a uniformed cop, he has excelled earlier, SARFAROSH being the last successful example

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