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ABCD: Class of choreographer evident in the song Behzubaan Kab Tak

Thursday, February 14, 2013 4:31:50 PM (IST) | Enkayaar, Bollywood Trade Editorial


The class of a choreographer when he holds the baton to conceptualize and shoot a song is evident as a stark motif. ‘Bezubaan Kab Tak’ song from the film ABCD indeed oozes of such class of Remo D’Souza being a choreographer par excellence and it has emerged as one of the significant milestones for the film and has been the catalyst in making the film such a roaring success. The song does not have much adornment, it has been shot in mostly in monochrome- in the sense that the colors of attire and the color of the background are a heady concoction of an imaginative array of colors splashed out on the palette of rain, appearing, disappearing, and underlining the fact that indeed the kind of luxurious options that water provides to cast an impression through a song is not available through any other medium.

The cascade of water that has been used in myriad formations add an element of romanticism, a sense of determination to the whole process, indeed the metaphor is symptomatic of the molten lava that is seething inside, not able to come out as it is chained by the traditions of the upbringing. But it has to manifest and it is getting manifested through the song. Indeed, ‘Bezubaan Kab Tak’, is more a modern representation of the Tandav and it indeed is going to be one of the most sought after dance items in the times to come in various dance based programmes being aired all over the country.

‘Bezubaan Kab Tak’ is a stark commentary about the existentialist dilemma that the present generation faces of not being able to carve out a career of their choice as their voices are shouted down by the strong patriarchial system that still persists, and pervades the society.

For the cinema of the present times, which is more of a spectacle to dazzle, it is the innovative ways of presentation that determines the success or failure of the film as also the song, and one can vouch about the fact that indeed ‘Bezubaan kab Tak’ has dazzled, in the manner in which the song has been conceptualized and choreographed and it indeed is going to raise the bar for his next film, and it would be interesting to see how he does that. The premise is being forwarded from the fact that Remo D'Souza’s direction cum choreography has evolved from FALTU to ABCD. May more such choreographers start directing so that they become catalyst in bringing the audience in droves to the cinema halls.

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