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ABCD: Dance is to impress or express?

Monday, February 11, 2013 6:54:01 PM (IST) | Enkayaar, Bollywood Trade Editorial


There is a dialogue in the film ABCD which indeed sums up the whole concept of the film, as also is a very important philosophy for life, if one wants to imbibe it- K.K. Menon, imploring his students about performance tells them Dance in essence is to impress and if one is able to impress those who matter the winning streak would continue, while for Prabhudheva- Dance is to express, and if one is able to express what one is doing it paves the way for success and fulfillment in life. Indeed, this is what life is all about, we tend to believe that it is the impression that would carry the day, but in the end it is the expression that is the deciding factor for carrying the day.

ABCD is a wonderful narration of this premise and the way the whole concept has been woven brilliantly by Remo D’Souza, and he has already got the reward for it, as UTV has signed him for a contract of 3 films. ABCD is a triumph of the human perseverance, a eulogy of the ability to dream and the struggle to achieve the dreams. ABCD also underlines the ancient wisdom of our country, that if one gets a guru, then there is nothing in life that cannot be achieved. Therefore , there is a profound acknowledgement of the role that guru-Prabhudheva has played in nurturing his students manifest from the climax song, and also it is subtly underlined in ABCD just before the interval as well, when Prabhudeva’s disciples start losing and in walks Prabhudheva to give one of his most scintillating dance performances ever on screen, also underlines the fact that the process of knowledge acquisition is not a by-product of basking in reflected glory of a celebrated guru, rather if one has a celebrated guru, as a disciple it becomes more so incumbent upon the disciple to try to imbibe as much as possible from the guru.

ABCD: ANYBODY CAN DANCE is also a cinematic representation in detail about the sociological change that has undergone in the Indian society after the advent of 24x7 television, were now dancing has become a career worth pursuing for, more so for those belonging to the margins of the society who can now dream to upscale on the social ladder using dance as the catalyst. One has to understand ABCD from this perspective and not view it as a routine dance drama movie, which it is not in the final analysis.

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