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LAMHAA & relook at the themes of terrorism as they have evolved over the years

Friday, July 16, 2010 6:59:02 PM (IST) | Enkayaar, Bollywood Trade Editorial


LAMHAA indeed is a watershed film for the Hindi film industry as it has returned to Kashmir after a really long time to shoot a movie. For its lead protagonist Sanjay Dutt it has more relevance owing to the fact that he made his debut with ROCKY which was a film that was shot primarily in Kashmir. His other film MISSION KASHMIR was another milestone in his career as it started his emergence as a character actor of eminence, and with LAMHAA he is sure to begin third phase of his acting career, and to add icing to the cake his present wife, Manyata is also a Kashmiri, so he has his links with the valley in his own way.

On the eve of LAMHAA here is a relook at the films that were instrumental in highlighting the change that Kashmir went through from being a heaven on earth to a place where terrorists ruled.

KARMA: Those were the days when anything that Subhash Ghai touched became gold, and KARMA was one of those movies. It being the first movie of the kind tacking the issue of cross border terrorism in a big way, it caught the imagination of the nation. It also gave to the film industry an actor in the form of Anupam Kher who incidentally comes up with another powerhouse performance in LAMHAA.

ROJA: The existentialist dilemma that the family of a soldier faces when he has to wage a war against his own countrymen was brought out in poignant detail in this Mani Ratnam film, and it also established Mani Ratnam as a name worth reckoning in the world of Hindi cinema.

MISSION KASHMIR: It was for the first time that Hindi cinema moved out of its comfort zones of using Kashmir as a location for romantic sojourns and new locations of Kashmir were used in this film, it also was a film which again tried to succinctly portray the dilemma of a law enforcer who has to fight the war within the family itself to set the house of the state in order.

SIKANDAR: Piyush Jha's film that won critical awards was first attempt to understand how terrorism has affected average childhood in the valley and how the toys of children have gravitated to stones, guns etc.

TAHAAN: Santosh Sivan's film was another attempt to look into the world of terrorism through the eyes of a child who has lost his innocence with the series of violent incidents happening around him.

It is hoped that after LAMHA, more and more filmmakers would return to Kashmir to use it as a backdrop and facilitate it in reestablishing into the psyche of the nation.
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