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Sridevi's ENGLISH VINGLISH: Mulgi shikhlee pragati jhaali

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 12:53:02 PM (IST) | Enkayaar, Bollywood Trade Editorial


Gauri Shinde who is the director of ENGLISH VINGLISH would not have dreamt when she signed Sridevi as the lead star that the film would get a thunderous applause going on for ten minutes at the Toronto International Festival, and it was a standing ovation. Well, the subject chosen by Gauri Shinde is indeed such that it has been lapped by the audience around the world and the time is just round the corner where it should be lapped in India as well when it releases in the cinema halls this Friday.

Well, it sort of underlines the maxim ‘Mulgee sikhlee pragati jhaali’- the slogan which has been at the center stage propagated by the government of Maharashtra to ensure that a girl gets education, as when a girl gets educated it has a multiplier effect of a family getting educated. Well, the reader may wonder what is the connect of ENGLISH VINGLISH with Mulgi shikli Pragatai jhaali?

The binding chord is a struggle that a woman has with a language and how she surmounts all the problems and come out in flying colors. ENGLISH VINGLISH underlines the struggle of Sridevi to learn a language –English , which she otherwise is not conversant with, and how she is determined to learn the language and tell the world that when a woman decides that she has to attain something, nothing can deter her from attaining it.

So in that context, the Mulgi- Sridevi moves mountains to learn the English language and interprets the process of learning in her own way  and ensures that she is on the path to progress as she has mastered the language which is the first stepping stone to make a mark in USA. Sridevi is instructed to break long words into two to learn them, so she is advised to learn Manhattan by breaking into two- man and hattan. In the same way she breaks the word judgmental into two, judge and mental.

ENGLISH VINGLISH operates at the other level as well, the craze in the Indian families of learning English so we have funny situations where to demonstrate that one knows English the communication is peppered with words in such a way that it creates  hilarious situations, like – English mein talk karo. The character played by Sridevi in the film is forced to learn English if she has to earn respect of her family and this is an existentialist dilemma that ladies face in the families that they are married to.

But with the changing times, the women have also started rising to the challenge and ENGLISH VINGLISH indeed would go a long way in emerging as a source of inspiration for the women in India and abroad not to be cowed down by any situation but fight it out to emerge the winner.

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