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    Home > FeaturesWill Sridevi's ENGLISH VINGLISH make a mark at box-office?

Will Sridevi's ENGLISH VINGLISH make a mark at box-office?

Friday, October 05, 2012 4:37:36 PM (IST) | Enkayaar, Bollywood Trade Editorial


It indeed is a moment of reckoning for Sridevi when her comeback film ENGLISH VINGLISH releases today, as in her illustrious acting career it is for the first time in all probability that such a film is releasing where she does not have a co-star having his own standing. The statement in no way undermines her position of eminence that she had enjoyed in the world of Hindi cinema, but the way the world of Hindi cinema functions, having an understated gender bias, where a female actress finds it quite difficult to carry the film solo, the question indeed needs to be looked afresh.

One of the biggest hits of last year THE DIRTY PICTURE could not get buyers for some time after it was completed and Milan Luthria was contemplating to let the film lie in the cans. But when the film was released it stormed the box-office and riding on its success Vidya Balan could ensure that KAHAANI had indeed been a success at the box-office as well. The dynamics of Hindi cinema in present times, with reference to the collections at the bo- office is concerned, is mainly decided through the collection of first three days.

For Sridevi the fortunate part is that she has the backing of the banner of R. Balakrishnan aka Balki so the film has been released without much ado, and it was also coupled with the fact that the ENGLISH VINGLISH has made its mark internationally, so a buzz has been created around the movie. But the moot point to watch would be whether it gets translated into footfalls at the box-office.

After all, the film has been constructed from the perspective of a mother of a previous generation, who owing to her educational background has not been accepted in her family, and even by her daughter. It indeed is a stark reality of the present times that even daughters for the sake of being “proper” in the society are ready to wage a war of existence with their mothers, and it is more an effect of the social media and the social relationships that are being fostered through the social networking websites. From that perspective ENGLISH VINGLISH shows a mirror to all and sundry who try to live in a surreal world, akin to the Spanish prisons where the lights danced but the time was not discernible, in the same way the present generation is aware about the relationships nomenclature, but the sweetness of these relationships is not a priority to be explored.

For the sake of Sridevi and relationships that are the hallmark of our society one hopes that ENGLISH VINGLISH is able to make its mark at the box office.

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