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NFDC Film Bazaar: Meet Michelle Harrison of Ausfilm

Friday, November 23, 2012 4:18:26 PM (IST) | Rajesh Kumar Singh, Bollywood Trade Editorial

With more than 400 hundred delegates from 40 countries, NFDC Film Bazaar at Goa looks like a replica of any other film market in the world with delegates of various hues and nationalities going about doing their work, exchanging visiting cards, and exploring mutually beneficial business and partnership opportunities in an atmosphere surcharged with intense and passionate energy.

Michelle Harrison is one among them. Michelle is in Goa for the first time. However, she has been to India as a backpacking young tourist, when she got to explore and experience the northern part of India. She represents Ausfilm, a company that helps film producers from outside Australia do business in Australia. She is the head of policy there. Ausfilm is an Australian industry-government partnership, comprising of federal and state governments, major film studios, leading post and digital effects facilities, and production service provider. It is a one-stop shop in other words where you get everything that you need in case you are planning to shoot your film in Australia. It is based in Sydney.

If you need to know more about film production incentives in Australia and how to avail them, Ausfilm can be of great help. It can handle your paperwork, and ensure that you get all the incentives you are entitled to. There are a whole lot of incentives the Australian federal and state governments offer to film producers for location, shooting, and post-production expenses including cash rebates. These incentives can help you save 16% to 40% of your production costs depending on your project and shooting requirements.

Ausfilm can also conduct location surveys for you, brief the local governments and Arts and Sports Administration about your project, and prepare the shooting budget of your Australian schedule. As part of its efforts to inform and educate its prospective clients, Ausfilm also runs co-production workshops at L.A, and London to help filmmakers understand the nitty-gritties of shooting in Australia.

(Rajesh Kumar Singh is Editorial Consultant for Festivals and Markets for He is a filmmaker, critic and market analyst)

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