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Walter Steffen, Nicole Newnham & Nisha Pahuja at 43rd International Film Festival of India

Thursday, November 29, 2012 10:39:59 AM (IST) | Bollywood Trade Editorial


The interaction platform brings together Nicole Newnham, director of REVOLUTIONARY OPTIMISTS, Nisha Pahuja, director of THE WORLD BEFORE HER along with Walter Steffen, director of MUNICH IN INDIA, to discuss their films and their outlook towards cinema

In an interaction session, the directors talked about their respective movies and informed the audience about the entities which make their movies special. Nicole Newnham, the director of REVOLUTIONARY OPTIMISTS said, “The project is based on sensitizing people on global health. I did this in order to bring a change especially in the slum communities. The film is all about empowering them and bringing a phase of change in them. The movie showcases the gradual transformation that the community encounters. The movie portrays the early marriage issues which are vehemently portrayed in the film. We are in process of broadcasting the film on American channels.” 

On the film THE WORLD BEFORE HER, Nisha Pahuja said, “The movie was premiered in New York four years back and portrays the lives of women in India. The film showcases the contrast between filming in Durga Camp and in the Miss India pageant. How women are conveyed and are used to forward difficult ideas is the crux of the movie. I based myself in India and it took me almost two years just to get access. There was not political pressure on me but I made sure the movie or me do not end up becoming just a mouthpiece.”

Walter Steffen, director of MUNICH IN INDIA said, “It is difficult living here and it is like a connection between people. I was in India looking for a story and I found it. The man in the movie wanted to become an artist and for it he left his comfort and started living in an unknown country. He just followed his heart which creates a following for himself. The fact that he gave up everything and strives for an Indian lifestyle is simply inspiring.”

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