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FICCI Frames 2017 discusses How Indian M&E industry can collaborate with Canadian producers via co-production, co-ventures and service providers

Thursday, March 23, 2017 11:27:12 AM (IST) | Rajesh Kumar Singh, Bollywood Trade Editorial

FICCI Frames 2017 continued to focus on Indo-Canadian co-operation in the Media & Entertainment space. An entire session titled ‘Canada 360’ was devoted to various ways the Indian media and entertainment industry can collaborate with the Canadians. The panellists discussed the nitty-gritties of co-production, co-ventures and production service providers’ arrangement, the three ways Indians can collaborate with their Canadian counterparts.
Vikas Bhalla, Chief Executive Officer, Rat Race Media Inc., said that Canada offered varied funding options for international producers. Indian producers should consider hiring crews locally in Canada as it was cost-effective and feasible, advised them to spend well on preps and suggested that Indian producers should be more inclusive and share information with them treating them as equals.  
In her presentation, Ms. Valérie Boissonneault, Trade Adviser, Ministère de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation, Québec, spoke about the tax benefits that Québec offered to Indian producers. She said that for co-productions, refundable tax credit and bonuses were being provided. The industry supported close to 33,000 jobs in the sector in Québec.
Mr. Jason James, President, Resonance Films Inc., said that Vancouver provided well-trained and talented crew at an affordable cost which makes it a favorable destination for film and TV series shooting.
Mr. Arjun Sablok, British Columbia Film Envoy to India, said that in British Columbia there were specialist consultants who could handle the Indian producer’s pre-production activities and budgeting. He added that British Columbia was competitive and provided great creative talent at affordable prices.
Mr. Ralph Holt, Producer, Hill100 Productions Inc., said that it was beneficial to hire the local crew as their local knowledge could be of great value in times of crisis.  The local producers could act as an interface between the local authorities and the visiting teams. He added that sharing of scripts and knowledge was needed across the board for better cooperation.
Mr. Jonathan Ahee, President, Nabet 700-M Unifor, said that that the Canadian workforce was talented and the systems offered flexibility to Indian producers. He added that trust was much needed in co-productions and a comfort level had to be derived while working together. Mr. Ahee said that his visit to India was a great learning experience which he would be carrying back to his country.
The session moderator Mr. Stéphane Cardin, VP Industry and Public Affairs, Canada Media Fund (CMF), said that a co-development fund had been set up with partner agencies and companies. He added that CMF was open at looking at potential arrangements with India to identify partners for such funds. 

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