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Saandesh Nayak: An unpredictable storyline was the main essence for LOVE SHAGUN

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 5:21:15 PM (IST) | Shaheen Irani, Bollywood Trade News Network


Turning first time director, Saandesh Nayak is excited to show you his movie LOVE SHAGUN, which releases this Friday. While exclusively interviewing him, we tried to get some inside details about the movie and here’s what he said…

Excerpts from the interview:

<b>Why is the movie titled LOVE SHAGUN?</b>
We tried a lot of titles but this was the one that correctly encompasses the essence of the film. First, it depicts both east and west together. Love is for west (i.e. English) and Shagun for east (i.e. Hindi). Secondly, the arrows in the logo of the film are coming from two opposite directions but instead of clashing, they meet. This correctly describes our film that shows today’s youth (like a boy) who comes from small town with his own traditions and values. Having spent his life there, he shifts to a big city or another country for that matter. There he starts adopting the new culture of the urban area or other country which is what I refer to as the western aspect here. This is about the youth who is still rooted to his traditions and values. Whenever they have to make a choice, they face a conflict. This conflict is depicted by our tagline- <i>‘Dil ki ya Maa ki.’</i>

<b>What made you choose lesser known Bollywood faces Anuj Sachdeva and Nidhi Subbaiah?</b>
We wanted to have an actor driven film because when we cast a known actor in the film, somehow the storyline gets predictable. In our film, an unpredictable storyline was the main essence for the film.

<b>Is there somewhere that you relate to the LOVE SHAGUN story?</b>
Yes. The characters of this film are absolutely real and very relatable to people around us. There was certainly an influence of real characters around me in the real life, which I have tried to portray in the reel life. When you watch the film you’ll be able to connect and see that every character is similar to someone whom you have met at some point or the other.

<b>Does your film also have the story of a gay couple?</b>
No. In this film, we are depicting different definitions of love. Every character has a different one. It is very much about a straight couple.

<b>Do you think love is shagun, especially looking at the divorce phase in Bollywood currently?</b>
This is the main point that we wanted to target in the film. In today’s scenario, a lot of divorces and breakups are happening and the shelf-life of love is getting reduced. Why is it so? We are accepting the technology so fast. We are adopting to quick changes in life. All of this is weakening our relationships. Individuality and space in the relationship is getting lost. When we talk about love, it is not just about a boyfriend and a girlfriend. It can be with anything. One can fall in love with the goal that he has in life or with a friend or any other person. So when you have the goal or your loved one with you then <i>‘Shagun’</i> is automatically there. This movie is about respecting the individuality, creating a healthy relationship and not judging the person by their appearance. There is a lot more to know and learn about the person.

<b>A movie - WHAT'S YOUR RASHEE also had astrological connection and there's some resemblance to the plotline of your film. Then what is so different in LOVE SHAGUN that will attract the audiences?</b>
There is no resemblance with WHAT’S YOUR RASHEE. Astrology has been used in our film only to create a backdrop for the relationship part. We needed an outer tool to create the required situation in the film. Different people have different mind sets. It all depends on how they deal with their emotions. They have priorities and the values coming from their family. Here comes the astrological aspect but the movie does not revolve around this.

<b>Was it easy having your wife as a producer since you didn't have to compromise on production value, film budgets? Did it become easier to shape the film the way you want?</b>
Yes, she trusted me a lot and unlike at home, where she controls my spending, she gave me a free hand in spending because of her confidence in my creation and abilities.

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