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Movie Review : Akkad bakkad Bam Be Bo

Akkad Bakkkad Bam Be Bo

Director : Dweep Raj Kochhar

Producer : Dweep Raj Kochhar

Artists (Cast) : Mukesh Khanna, Deepti Parashar, Rakesh Bedi, Manmeet Singh Uppal, Mayank Chhabra, Minakshi, Nimai Bali, Piyush Kanga, Sameep Cheema, Siddhatri Sharma, Soneka Gill, Sween Sharma, Vijoo Khote, Yugraj Kochhar, Yuvraj Kochhar, Akashi Mishra, Dr.Ved Thapar, Shiva, Avtar Gill, Raju Kher

Production Company(S) : J.S.R. Production Pvt. Ltd

Music Director : Harish Mangoli

Friday, March 16, 2012 2:09:25 PM (IST) | Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade Editorial


If this movie was released a month later, during the summer vacations, it would have done some business. Considering the theme revolves around 11 orphaned kids, it would have at least have parents taking their children to the multiplex for an outing.

I don't know why the makers were in a hurry to have it released during peak exam time. Eleven children break out of jail because they will be sent to school. Unfortunately for them, they jump into an open window and find shelter in the house of the same teacher who wants them to study. Form here you can understand where the film is headed.

These children even take on the armed forces of Pakistan after crossing the border to save some of their friends who have been kidnapped by jihadis. Commonsense has no room in this drama as the kids are unleashed on unsuspecting viewers.

I guess, the director had SOUND OF MUSIC in mind when he set out to make AKKAD BAKKAD BAMBE BO.

Rating : 1/5

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Akkad Bakkkad Bam Be Bo Review Starring Mukesh Khanna, Dr.Ved Thapar, Rakesh Bedi, Shiva, Nimai Bali, Vijoo Khote, Avtar Gill, Soneka Gill, Raju Kher and introducing Sween Sharma, Siddhatri Sharma, Yuvraj Kochhar, Yugraj Kochhar, Sameep Cheema, Deepti Parashar, Akashi Mishra, Mayank Chhabra, Manmeet Singh Uppal, Piyush Kanga, Minakshi, Harsimar Kaur Uppal


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