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Movie Review : Rakht Charitra 2

Rakht Charitra 2

Director : Ram Gopal Varma

Producer : Ram Gopal Varma

Friday, December 3, 2010 2:39:50 PM (IST) | Pankaj Sabnani, Bollywood Trade Editorial


This is perhaps the first time in Bollywood that a single story is broken into two parts (RAKHT CHARITRA and RAKHT CHARITRA 2) by the same director. And both parts have released in quick succession, which is a laudable effort indeed. Ram Gopal Varma's PHOONK 2, which was a sequel in true sense, carried the same story of PHOONK ahead, but there was a decent gap between the two films. On the other hand, GOLMAAL, DHOOM and MUNNABHAI series had completely different stories and there was a sufficient gap between two parts. Barring the main characters, there wasn't anything similar between the installments.

RAKHT CHARITRA 2 marks the entry of Surya in Bollywood. He wasn't part of RAKHT CHARITRA.  A humongous name down South, he starred in the Tamil version of GHAJINI in 2005. Aamir Khan starred in its Hindi version in 2008.

Ram Gopal Varma continues the revenge saga in RAKHT CHARITRA 2 that he started in RAKHT CHARITRA. In case you missed the first part, fret not. RAKHT CHARITRA 2 starts off with approximately 25 minutes footage from the first part.

The films trace the life of Pratap Ravi (Vivek Oberoi). While the first part was about his rise, the second part is about how his enemy Surya (Surya) takes revenge. What Pratap did to Surya that makes him want to kill him is what RAKHT CHARITRA 2 is all about. Bhawani (Priyamani) plays Surya's wife. All the other characters are the same as the first part.

RAKHT CHARITRA 2 is not a bad film. It's disappointing because it falls in comparison with the first part. Although there is bloodshed, violence and gruesome murders that take place, RAKHT CHARITRA 2 is definitely not as gory as the previous part. Ramu doesn't carry on the momentum and tautness that he had established in RAKHT CHARITRA. It even lacks the drama which was the highpoint of RAKHT CHARITRA.

There is no freshness in the narrative as the journeys of Surya and Pratap have a lot of parallels. Both take up violence because of the destruction done to their family members. They even enter the world of politics in a similar manner. The only differentiating part is that Surya is mostly in jail in this part.

"Main marne se nahin, use (Pratap) mare bina marne se darta hoon," states Surya. You definitely feel for him and his anger against Pratap.  The TV blast scene and the twist in the climax are poignant. A shirtless Surya fighting in jail will surely make the females drool. 

Ramu's bizarre camera angles continue in this part. There are scenes in which the camera rotates complete 360 degrees. The gripping background score is as good as the first part. The editing could have been much tighter.

RAKHT CHARITRA 2 is Surya's film without a doubt. He makes a very powerful debut in Bollywood. He has delivered a superb performance. Watch out for the scene when he reacts after the bomb blast in his house. However, it clearly shows that he's not very comfortable mouthing Hindi dialogues. Vivek Oberoi is decent. Priyamani is good in her small role. Shatrughan Sinha takes a backseat this time. Sudeep is admirable.

RAKHT CHARITRA 2 lacks the punch of RAKHT CHARITRA. Do watch it Surya if you must.

Rating: 2.5/5

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