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SON OF SARDAAR Movie Review : Celebrate 'idiocy' this Diwali

Son Of Sardaar

Director : Ashwani Dhir

Producer : N.R.Pachisia, Ajay Devgn, Pravin Talreja

Co-Producer : Tanisha Mukerji, Vikrant Sharma, Kumar Mangat

Artists (Cast) : Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha, Sanjay Dutt, Juhi Chawla, Mukul Dev, Vindu Dara Singh

Music Director : Himesh Reshammiya, Sajid-Wajid

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 3:47:30 PM (IST) | Rajesh Kumar Singh, Bollywood Trade Editorial


The makers of this grand star-studded magnum opus were right. Diwali was the right time for the release of this movie. It’s the festival to worship goddess Laxmi, the one who rides on an owl and brings prosperity and wealth in our homes. Metaphorically speaking, SON OF SARDAAR is a cinematic dedication to her vehicle, the owl. If it hits the box office jackpot, it will be one more indication of the fact, among several others, that Indian society and cinema are witnessing the era of owl.

SON OF SARDAR is a ‘festival’ film. Such films can only be released during the festival season when the ‘aam janta’ is in a carefree, generous, and all forgiving festive mood and mode and is ready for a family outing to enjoy anything and everything that is offered to it.

It’s the story of Jaspreet Randhava (Ajay Devgn) better known as Jassi who returns from England to claim his father’s ancestral property in some pind at Kapurthala district of the Punjab. He does not realize that with the property he has also inherited his ‘khandani dushmani’ with the deadly Sandhu clan led by Billu Pa Ji (Sanjay Dutt). Billu Ji has been waiting for Jassi to return so that he can kill him and fulfill his vow of revenge and get settled in his life with his partially married wife Pammi (Juhi Chawla). Billu Pa Ji’s two nephews, Tony (Vindu Dara Singh) and Titu (Mukul Dev), are also waiting for him. Both have suffered from acute deprivation since childhood. Tony cannot eat ice-cream and Titu cannot drink Coke without avenging the killing of their father by Jassi’s father.

The fact is Jassi’s father was also killed in the same fight but the Sandhus prompted by the grandmother of the family Bebe (Tanuja) vowed to finish off the Randhava lineage. 
Lo ji, the fate gets quirky as usual and Jassi meets Sukhvindar (Sonakshi Sinha) better known as Sukh on the train to Kapurthala and falls in love with her. Who is Sukh? She is Tony’s daughter, a doe-eyed Punjabi looking and speaking Bihari kudi who delivers Punjabi gaalis with a heart-warming smile and a playful flutter of her big eyelids. This complicates the matter. Even before the Sandhus get to know the ID of Jassi, he lands up at their house as a ‘mehmaan’ and the Sandhu clan does not turn their courtyard into a killing field as a matter of principle.

Soon Jassi and the Sandhus realize their errors. Jassi’s survival depends on his not leaving the Sandhu house. The whole film is about his tussle for survival in complete contrast to the ardent ancient desire of Billu Pa Ji, Tony, and Titu to cut him into pieces and fulfill their family vow. However, you know it’s going to end happily with a Po Po song and Diwali greetings.

The film almost entirely relies on punning, situation comedy, and long overdrawn, and unimaginative action set pieces to keep you engaged. It succeeds marginally. The attempts to make you laugh are a bit too deliberate and designed to have the desired impact. In spite of his two-horse-ride-act and the regulation free-flying maar-dhadh caricature, the introduction of our hero is not dramatic and dhansu’ enough compared to the Madrasi films of action/comedy genre. The romance between Jassi and Sukh is underdeveloped. The film lacks integrity and has very few genuine gags and jokes. Due to the thin and predictable one-dimensional plot and the over-repetitive revenge theme, it gets extremely tiresome and unbearable by the time the film gets to its second half. The climax is too tame to generate any sense of euphoria in the audience.

The songs of SON OF SARDAAR are already hit. They don’t seem to work so well as part of the film though. They should have been choreographed more dynamically and dramatically. Sonakshi’s enlivening presence adds some juice to the ‘thaali meal’. However, she has been used more like ‘chatni’ and ‘chaat masala’ and not as the main course that is dominated by the male heavyweights.
We give three stars to the film – one for its songs, one for the combo of Sonakshi, Tanuja, and Juhi, and one as our free Diwali gift.

Rating - 3/5

(Rajesh Kumar Singh is Editorial Consultant for Festivals and Markets for He is a filmmaker, critic and market analyst)

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