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Release Date :
04 August 2017

Language :

Producer :
Abbas Ali Ratansi
Ajay G Rai
Madhukar R. Musle
Nisha N. Sujan
Alan Mcalex

Production Company(S) :
A Jar Pictures

Director :
Shanker Raman

Music Director :
Naren Chandavarkar
Benedict Taylor

Co-Producer :
Akshay M. Musle
Balvinder Singh
Sajid Mansuri
Mukesh Chhabra

Line Producer :
Sunnyl Barade

Screenplay :
Sourabhi Ratnu
Vipin Bhatti
Yogi Singha
Shanker Raman

Editor :
Shan Mohammed

Art Director :
Rita Ghosh

Lyrics :
Manoj Yadav

Presenter :
Hashtag Film Studios
Mr Filmworks

Associate Producer :
Amit A. Musle
Avani Batra
Madhav Roy Kapur

Cinematographer :
Vivek Shah

Executive Producer :
Rakesh Bhagwani
Vishesh Agrawal

Casting Director :
Mukesh Chhabra CSA

Dialogues :
Sourabhi Ratnu
Vipin Bhatti
Yogi Singha
Shanker Raman

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