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Submitted By : Half Cutting Entertainment (Half Cutting Entertainment) Submitted On : Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Splitsvilla 9 winner DJ Kavya Khurana spotted having fun time at PITSTOP Brewpub, SMAAASH, Gurgaon

                                                  Press Release

New Delhi, 23rd January 2017:  Splitsvilla 9 fame and winner DJ Kavya Khurana was seen having fun and frolic time at PITSTOP Brewpub, Smaaash, Gurgaon.

Kavya’s who loves clubbing and music was clad in an elegant skirt and top from H&M and Zara. The ravishing beauty said, "Going out and meeting people gives me a wider perspective to life." Sharing her experience at PITSTOP she said, "I loved Go-Karting and I think Delhi had never seen such smooth and massive Go-Karting space before, I had a great weekend night at Smaash."

Splitsvilla 9 winner Kavya is known for her affair with music. Though she was not seen playing any gig at the place but was spotted having great time with her friends. She said, "At times it is good to be on the other side of the table and make the best of the moment and that I did at PITSTOP."

Impressed by the name of club model, anchor and performer Kavya said, "The name PITSTOP gives me a feel of place where you can actually stop and have loads of fun, food and drinks. And that is what actually I did and will surely do often as and when I am in town."

Smaaash, after a thrilling gaming zone has opened the way to go crazy with speed with- PITSTOP Brewpub. The place offers Go-Karting-a first-of-its-kind multi-level karting arena, in Gurgaon. Here the tracks feature dramatic elevations meant to be battled with karts that are equipped with exclusive speed control.

Designed with quirky old rustic wooden interiors the Brewpub of Smaaash is brimming with brews. The list includes Scottish beer, fresh beer to Full Toss and even chocolate beer for some sweet tooth!

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