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Preity Zinta shoots for film in moving train

Thursday, April 12, 2012 12:53:09 PM (IST) | Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade Editorial


Raj Kapoor may have gone 'around the world' in eight dollars while Jackie Chan too boasted of travelling 'around the world' in 80 days. However for Preity Zinta it was an experience of different kind as she went around the French Alps in a train for eight hours and that too to can a scene that didn't last for even eight minutes.

This resulted in quite some rush for the crew since only a handful of people could be assigned for the job. Also, the shot division had to be planned in such a manner that there were no continuity lapses felt when the train returned in the opposite direction even though the scene was planned to be in one stretch. Director Prem Raj had to plan the entire shoot in such a manner that everything was wrapped up in the eight hours round trip of the train.

'Since Preity and Prem had permission to shoot for only one day, they had to get it all right before stepping into the train. Though the final length of the sequence lasts a mere three minutes, an entire day was spent in setting the equipment while ensuring that co-passengers weren't disturbed or too excited about the shooting being held amidst them,' informs our source.

For an experienced actress like Preity too it was something new to shoot in a moving train. On the other hand new-find Rrehan, who makes his debut as a leading man opposite Preity in the film, it was a unique experience to get an all-important sequence like this to be canned in eight hours flat.

'Yes, we were fighting against time but glad that we managed to pull it off,' said Prem. When asked if he could have rather used VFX to get the scenic beauty in the background instead of actually shooting in the French Alps, Prem quipped, 'When you are setting your film in Paris and telling a love story, it would be nothing less than sacrilege to bring in anything which is fake.'

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