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Bloomberg TV India announces special series 'Down To Earth'

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 10:29:40 AM (IST) | Bollywood Trade Editorial


Bloomberg TV India, India’s premier business news channel, announced the launch of ‘Down To Earth’, a special series that will highlight cutting edge developments in philanthropy and the social sector in India. It is a series that celebrates the spirit of social entrepreneurship. Dasra, India's leading strategic philanthropy foundation is Bloomberg TV India’s ‘Knowledge Partner’ for this unique series.

Down to Earth chronicles the stories of four social entrepreneurs viz., Inir Pinheiro of Grassroutes, Naveen Krishna of SMV Wheels, Rajesh Shah of SABRAS and Shilpi Kapoor of Barrier Break Technologies who are leading organisations that are successfully applying business ideas to create social good, employment and provide access to improved livelihood opportunities for the poor and downtrodden.

Grassroutes is based on the concept of responsible rural tourism owned and operated by local village communities. Community based tourism, where the community is at the centre of ownership, decision making and management would ensure economic development with a check on the undesired effects of tourism. Till date, Grassroutes intervention in two villages has resulted in an average increase of approximately Rs 1,800 in the annual income of each of 90 households.

Mr. Inir Pinheiro, Owner, Grassroutes said “The greatest challenge in India is the lack of opportunities, especially livelihood opportunities. With this thought in mind, we explored tourism, which is known to be a good mechanism for economic development. The key to developing any livelihood is sustainability and that is the prime reason I chose social entrepreneurship. In order to preserve this country we need to create sustainable livelihood opportunities and our endeavour is to create a million such opportunities”.

SMV Wheels’ goal is to help at least 10 million cycle rickshaw pullers in India achieve ownership and in doing so, transform the way they perceive themselves and, in turn, how they are perceived. The idea of starting SMW Wheels was born out of interactions with 10,000 rickshaw pullers across 5 states in the country in a span of 4 years. Due to SMV Wheels for the first time cycle rickshaw pullers are able to truly profit from their power and achieve upward economic mobility.

Mr. Naveen Krishna, Managing Director, SMV Wheels said, “I had witnessed the social and economic exploitation of cycle rickshaw pullers since my childhood and wanted to do something to improve their lives.  If we support a community that works the hardest, yet amongst the poorest, and bring a small change in their lives it will be the best success story for the other similar communities. The smile and confidence they have after becoming the owner of their cycle rickshaw is my biggest encouragement.”

SABRAS was set up in 2007 to find institutional solutions which can bring the poor together, help them climb the next step of the value chain and in the process increase their productivity and profitability. SABRAS have created a model through which labourers in the world’s hardest conditions, through collective action, can build sustainable livelihoods. It is currently working with 43,000 marginalized salt producers located in the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat to help increase their overall profitability and productivity.

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