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Sony BBC Earth premieres 'Tiger-Spy In The Jungle' on 15th July

Thursday, July 13, 2017 6:50:53 PM (IST) | Bollywood Trade Editorial

Mysterious, powerful and astute, Tigers are the best hunters of animal kingdom. While a mere sight of them can run chills down your spine, filming them is unanimously voted as the most thrilling wildlife escapade ever. Ahead of the World Tigers Day this month, Sony BBC Earth brings to you a breathtaking account of a Tiger’s life in the special series ‘Tiger-Spy In The Jungle’ premiering on 15th July @ 9 PM under the slot Earth Specials.
Using boulder cams and special spy cams carried by elephants, this show traverses the interiors of India’s hidden wildlife. The series follows the different stages of a tiger's life - from playful cubs, to learning adolescents and ultimately to young hunting adults. It also throws light on Tigers’ changing equations with other animals including the leopard, its biggest competitor.

Stand witness to some mind-blowing stories about Tigers shot in the Indian forests and get ready to feel alive only on Sony BBC Earth.

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