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Adah Sharma: Juhi Chawla has her own sense of comic timing

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 2:58:34 PM (IST) | Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade Editorial


After enjoying a strong presence opposite Sanjay Dutt in SON OF SARDAAR last Diwali, Juhi Chawla would be returning in yet another film featuring him, HUM HAI RAAHI CAR KE. Though the duo is not paired opposite each other in the traditional sense, the film would be yet another instance of them demonstrating their comic streak.

'Yes, both are really funny in the film. Even when Juhi doesn't have any dialogues in any particular scene, she is just hilarious. On the other hand Sanju's scenes have been written so very well,' says a source attached to the film.

One trait that distinguishes Juhi from others in the film is her 'paan' chewing avatar.

'I crack up each time I see her with a 'paan',' says Adah Sharma, the film's leading lady, 'It is funny when you watch her with a 'paan' in mouth. She has so many funny dialogues in the film and due to the fact that she has her own sense of comic timing, it makes it all the more special.'

In the film, while Juhi Chawla is playing a doctor, Sanjay Dutt is playing a cop. By the look of things, both actors are pretty much having a gala time shooting for this mad-cap comedy set in one night which marks the debut of Dev Goel.

'The movie is much funnier than the promo,' says Dev, 'After all, there is not too much that you can put into one trailer. We are getting a fabulous response so far. Those who have liked the promo would definitely love the film. From the time we slip into the car and till the end of the movie, it is going to be one mad roller coaster ride.'

We hope that indeed turns out to be the case when this Jyotin Goel film plays on screens this weekend.

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