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    Home > Trade NewsDespite WYMM, Rajeev didn't hesitate doing TABLE NO. 21

Despite WYMM, Rajeev didn't hesitate doing TABLE NO. 21

Friday, January 4, 2013 5:56:40 PM (IST) | Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade Editorial


A year ago when Rajeev Khandelwal was seen last on the big screen, it was for a major box office disappointment that went by the name WILL YOU MARRY ME. Today when his TABLE NO. 21 is releasing all over and seeing some positive reports already coming in, it is expected that he would be seeing a good success to his name after all. However one factor that remains common between the two films is its director - Aditya Dutt.

Says Rajeev, 'As an actor, I enjoy working with Aditya. He brings with him some good excitement; he is young and nice and hence the non-performance of WILL YOU MARRY ME wasn't playing on my mind at all when I signed TABLE NO. 21.'

In fact when it came to reuniting with Aditya for TABLE NO. 21, there was a renewed confidence that everyone came in when they reported on the sets.

'To tell you the truth though, at the script stage I didn't even know that who would be the director of the film. Later when I was told that it would be Aditya again, I was cool with it. He had a good script in hand and moreover he is a great guy. I knew that yeh ladka TABLE NO. 21 jaisi picture bana sakta hai. When your script is good then as a director faraq sirf execution mein hota hai, says Rajeev.

While one waits a commercial response to the film, Rajeev is content with what has been brought on screen.

'I am glad that I worked with Aditya. He holds a lot of promise and I can say that in years to come, he would be looked up as one of those belonging to the new breed of directors,” declares Rajeev before signing off.


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