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Filmmakers have artistic responsibility towards society, said director Vicente Alves do ó

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 5:46:25 PM (IST) | IBNS, Bollywood Trade Editorial

'Films should also reflect beauty and not just the reality that people anyhow are forced to face every day of their lives,' said Vicente Alves do ó, director of Portuguese film FLORBELA.

Interacting with media here on Tuesday he said that he wants people who watch his movies to go back with a sense of contentment and happiness and not his/her soul twisted by what he/she saw on the screen.

He made FLORBELA to clear the distorted, one-sided image that people have of the great Portuguese litterateur in their minds.

The movie is not about the poetry of Florbela Espanca who died in 1930 but about the persona of Florbela and he would be happy if at least few people picked up her poetry after watching the movie, he added.
Instead of a traditional biography retracing the landmarks of the poetess’ life, Vicente’s FLORBELA follows her story at a period of literary crisis. The film is an intimate portrait that captures life as a moment in time for inspiration, he said.

Speaking about SINHALA-Tamil movie WITH YOU, WITHOUT YOU, director Prasanna Vithanage said the cinema explores Post-war Srilanka at an individual level. How the war affected and changed the lives of individuals and how they cope up with the situation is the crux of the movie, he added.

Director of Photography of Greek cinema BOY EATING BIRD’S FOOD said that it is not a political movie. It was a low budget movie, he added.

The movie is about a 22-year old boy in Athens who has no job, no money, no girlfriend and no food to eat, but he’s got a singing canary bird and when the bird gets trapped inside the shelter one day he has to find some help.

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