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LKTLG director Rakesh Mehta: Healthy criticsm is welcome

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 12:56:13 PM (IST) | Rachana Sheth, Bollywood Trade Editorial


First time director Rakesh Mehta is not too happy with the way a section of critics have given their verdict to his debut film LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI, which released lately. As per the filmmaker, the critics have been harsh in their reviews, discouraging the debut attempt made by him. 

He says, “I am not against any criticism. It’s most welcome. In fact, one should be courageous enough to take criticism in one’s stride much like appreciation. But it should be a healthy criticism which only gives room for improvisation to the first timers and not writing disgusting stuff which spreads negativity about the film and breaks the confidence of a filmmaker who is trying to gain foothold in the industry. It’s unfair to do so.”

A reviewer’s job is just to review a film and not to use demeaning language and run-down a filmmaker’s work. On the contrary these so-called critics should be appreciating and encouraging the debut attempt, the debut talent. I am not against criticism but I strongly have an objection against discouragement …Those critics who write insulting stuff they are the ones who try to become a barrier for the film to succeed.

Ours is not a film which boasts of topnotch stars to carry it off or which can still run at the BO irrespective of the reviews. But our kind of films require the strong backing of reviews to reach to the audience and penetrate in the vast industry.
If reviewers continue to rundown or write-off completely then filmmakers like us who wants to tell a different story or who has a different take or style of presenting cinema will never have a chance to make it big. Lot of new filmmakers like me will stop making films and will not succeed out of discouragement. Filmmakers like us will never come forward…Otherwise we’ll end up making masala entertainers,” adds Rakesh in a matter of fact tone.

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