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Rakesh Mehta: LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI is an impression of Mumbai

Saturday, April 7, 2012 7:25:35 PM (IST) | Rachana Sheth, Bollywood Trade Editorial



Filmmaker Rakesh Mehta may have directed a film called KHUDA KHUSI before LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI, however he counts LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI as his debut venture because KHUDA KHUSI, which won some 19 international awards, was only meant for festivals.

Says Rakesh, 'My first film was KHUDA KHUSI, which I had made 4 years back and won almost 19 international awards, was only meant for festivals. LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI is my second film but my first commercial Bollywood entertainer.'
Delhi-based filmmaker Rakesh Mehta's upcoming film LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI explores the life in Mumbai. 'LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI is an impression of today's life in Mumbai. People in Mumbai are always stressed out. You call up or meet anyone here and they revert saying ...lag gayi hai yaar or ...lagi hui hai.... LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI is everybody's dilemma today. So, that's how I got an idea and picked up the line to convert into a full-fledged film,' says Rakesh. 

He further adds, 'LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI is a one day story. It's a comical take on the complex and stressful life of Mumbai. But it is not a buffoonery. The story revolves around the four main characters in the film going through crisis and how they deal with it.''

Having big stars do add weight to the film but Rakesh feels LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI, which is content-driven, is for talented actors like Kay Kay Menon, Ranvir Shorey.
'' Roping in big stars is not easy task. Moreover my story is such it does not need stars it needs actors. So I opted for talented actors. Ranvir, Manu, Kay Kay, Pradhyuman are all brilliant actors. Stars don't need stories. They can run the show with their charisma. Even if they don't have enough role or they have brief appearance in the film people will go crazy watching them. Talented actors need stories.''

Rakesh is all praise for Kay Kay and Ranvir. He says, 'Kay Kay and Ranvir are both amazing actors. If they read the script once then you don't need to spend time with them. A single narration is enough for them. They are one-take actors and don't waste time of directors. This is the fun to work with them.'

Ask him about his struggle in Bollywood and he gets philosophical,  ''Nothing comes fact I would say nothing should come easy otherwise you won't value it. Be it any field there should be some kind of struggle to achieve.''

LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI releases on 20th April 2012. 

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