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Reliance MediaWorks provides mind-blowing 340 VFX shots for AATMA

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 4:55:17 PM (IST) | Bollywood Trade Editorial


Wide Frame Pictures and Suparn Verma worked with Reliance MediaWorks (RMW) to provide unprecedented 340 VFX shots for the film AATMA.

Speaking on the same Suparn Verma director AATMA said, “'In terms of VFX, we have taken it to the next level. Ours is a very small budget film and still we haven't compromised on quality and that too in a controlled budget.” There are as many as 340 VFX shots in the film but they are not in your face; they are so well integrated in the film!’ added Verma. Suparn closely supervised the entire process as it was being undertaken at Reliance MediaWorks.

After making thrillers like EK KHILADI EK HASEENA and ACID FACTORY, writer-director Suparn Verma has moved on to the horror genre with AATMA. One thing that he was sure of before stepping into this new world, he had to ensure a world class treatment. This also meant that he was quite particular about keeping the transition from reality to special effects as seamless as possible so that audiences were entirely immersed in the narrative instead of being put off by a jerky narrative that at times becomes noticeable.

AATMA is a seamless integration of breath-taking VFX, as well as amazing Colour Grading that blends the story to the experience creation. DOP Sophie brings this out with support of Naveen & Santosh of Reliance MediaWorks.

“Today’s editors and storytellers need the power of visual treatments, to create breakthrough content and build relationships with their audiences. The beauty of VFX here is that you don't know where it ends and where reality begins,” says Naveen Paul (Creative Head for VFX). He credits the team comprising Sanjiv Naik, Abrez Mohammed, Vinoth Ganesh along with others who relentlessly worked on this right from creation to execution to deliver the best of both worlds.

“An inspired, impactful way of directors to express themselves which resonates with their viewers comes through high end colour grading, which today forms an important component in mood creation of the film,” adds Santosh Pawar, DI-Colourist, RMW.

The film revolves around Maya (Bipasha Basu) who is trying to save her daughter from the spirit of her ruthless, abusing and menacing husband Abhay, who for his unconditional, almost-bordering-on-obsession, love for his daughter comes back from the dead to take her with him.

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