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Sasheh Agha: My role was tad serious in AURANGZEB

Saturday, May 25, 2013 1:39:51 PM (IST) | Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade Editorial


While the buzz around AURANGZEB has settled down with the film managing a coverage run at the box office, it is time for its actors to move on. Arjun Kapoor already has three major films lined up for him while Sasheh too is under a three film contract with Yash Raj Films. Happy with the fact that country's premium production house is showing keen interest in her abilities, Sasheh is gearing up for her next with YRF.
"In AURANGZEB my role was a tad serious. However I always wanted to make a beginning which is different from how other girls have debuted. Of course I too am looking forward to singing around trees and letting my hair down. Still, give me the kind of roles played by Vidya Balan, case in point being THE DIRTY PICTURE and KAHAANI, and I would be the happiest actress around," smiles Sasheh.
While roles like these appear to be far away at least as of now, Sasheh would be most remembered for her seductive act with a bikini show in her very opening scene in Bollywood.
Laughs Sasheh, "Well, there is certain identity that has come in for sure. People have liked the fact that I have really got into the skin of the character. Even though I am not someone like that in the real life, at least audience now believe that I am this hot-n-happening babe on screen. To turn into someone who is just totally opposite to what you are in real life is a high indeed."
Well, here is looking forward to more highs that this spunky newcomer manages to earn for herself in time to come.

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