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Simone Singh replaced by Niki Walia in 'Ishq Gunaah'

Thursday, July 13, 2017 5:57:56 PM (IST) | Bollywood Trade Editorial

STAR Plus’ upcoming show ‘Ishq Gunaah’ is an experience in itself. The storyline and the cast is stellar and is a very mature approach to love and relationships. Actor Sanjay Kapoor will be seen in the show after 14 long years. Along with him, actress Niki Walia too is making a comeback on TV. She had shifted to UK years back after her wedding, and she is settled there with her husband and kids.

The actress has left her family behind, for an entire year, for ‘Ishq Gunaah’ and agreed on doing this show because of its novelty factor. However, news has it that even though she was the first choice for the show, things hadn’t materialized initially because Niki is settled in the UK. After the initial talks about the show, the makers had locked on another renowned actress for this character. They had even shot the pilot for the show, but the makers did not like the final look and feel of the character and decided to go back to Niki.

A source close to the show says, “A lot of actors were considered for the show, but Simone Singh was the one who was almost locked because she has done a lot of negative characters, and is adept with gray characters. However, later on, the makers decided to go back to Niki because she completely fit the role.”

Well, all’s well that ends well. Now that Niki Walia is on the show, it’s surely going to be quite a watch, considering that her previous shows have created an unforgettable impact on people.

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