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Sujoy Ghosh to plan JHANKAAR BEATS sequel?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 6:46:58 PM (IST) | Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade Editorial


Exactly three months back when Pritish Nandy had announced the sequel to JHANKAAR BEATS, one had taken it with a pinch of salt. After all, announcing a sequel has become more or a trend than a reality and one wasn't too sure whether there would indeed be any movement in this regard. However now that the film's director Sujoy Ghosh is gearing up to release his latest venture KAHAANI, things have started heating up again on the JHANKAAR front.
"Both Pritish Nandy as well as Sujoy are gung ho about the prospects of bringing the film back to the audience. Close to a decade has gone by since JHANKAAR BEATS was released and now there is good enough platform to move the story forward and check out what this loveable bunch of friends are up to," confirms our well placed source.
The film will now move from the point where JHANKAAR BEATS had ended. While Sanjay Suri and Juhi Chawla would return as a couple with a teenage daughter and a grown up son, Rahul Bose is a definite certainty as well. However one waits to see whether Rinkie Khanna would return to the scene. The actress has retired from the film circuit. While one waits to see Shayan Munshi return from oblivion, Riya Sen is all set to enter the setup. Also, what is certain is the return of Vishal-Shekhar who shot to fame with JHANKAAR BEATS and formed an association with Sujoy on HOME DELIVERY, ALADIN and now KAHAANI.
"The ball is in Sujoy's court to give a green signal," the source continues, "He has been overtly occupied with KAHAANI and would sit down and close on the timelines for JHANKAAR BEATS only after the Vidya Balan starrer releases in theatres. Till then he isn't willing to make any commitments. However he is as excited as Pritish Nandy to bring the film on floors. After all it stays on to be his most loved and watched movie till date."

When contacted, Sujoy - though cautious about making any declarations - confirmed that JHANKAAR BEATS is not stopping at an announcement stage and is definitely on the anvil.


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