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When Zayed Khan's enthusiasm watered down

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 4:54:17 PM (IST) | Bollywood Trade Editorial


Zayed Khan has been speaking of nothing but his action scenes in Priyadarshan’s TEZZ these days. The actor has been on a high ever since he shot the high octane scenes but was literally neck deep in water when he was shooting for the film.

Remind him of it and he smiles. “Oh yes I was neck deep in water and Ajay Devgn had the last laugh over it. Just before we had filmed the shot he had asked me whey I was risking my life by doing such stunts and I had told him I enjoyed it and would take care little realizing the repercussions of the dangers lurking there,” says Zayed.

Reminiscing over the incident he says, “We were shooting a scene on the canal and we were sitting on the banks of the canal discussing over it. Ajay told me I would get hurt and it was not easy. The canal was freezing cold. I was asked to jump from the bridge on to a jet ski. As we started shooting I misjudged the boat and before I could handle, me and the stunt man both toppled over and we were in the freezing waters in a fraction of a second. The water was filthy and dirty and even though I am a good swimmer I felt like ten thousand daggers were piercing my body. I couldn’t move. I just wanted to come out of the water and when I looked around I saw Ajay standing on the banks and laughing at me,” explains Zayed. 

“My enthusiasm was literally watered down after that scene,” adds Zayed.
Directed by Priyadarshan, the film features an ensemble cast including Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgn, Kangana Ranaut, Sameera Reddy, Zayed Khan and Mohanlal in main roles. TEZZ hits theaters on 27 April, 2012.

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